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Corcoran Garry Lecture - Drogheda Unification 600th Anniversary

Event Date

Wednesday, 5 December 2012 - 8:00pm - 9:30pm

The Old Drogheda Society's Corcoran- Garry Lecture will be taking place in the Governor's House, Millmount, Drogheda on Wednesday December 5th at 8pm .

The lecture will co-incide with the 600th Anniversary of the unification of the two towns of Drogheda on either side of the Boyne and well known local community historian Bredan Matthews will speak on two towns of Drogheda - "The Far Side- The Uniting of the Two Towns of Drogheda".

From it's initial foundation by the Norman's in the late 12th century the town of Drogheda had the unique distinction of having two towns- one on either side of the River Boyne. The two towns, Drogheda in Meath on the south side and Drogheda in Oriel on the north, acted independently of each other until they were united under a single charter in 1412.  

Brendan will discuss aspects of the two towns before the unification and the pagents that were re-enacted for many years to commemorate the event.

There will be a bookstall on the night and all are welcome.