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The Archaeological and Folklife Exhibition

The Archaeological display is quite extensive. Among the oldest specimens are medieval floor tiles found near the Magdalene Tower in Drogheda. They are beautifully glazed, retaining their original colours.

Drogheda being a port town, many specimens are of a continental origin e.g.. from Valencia in Spain, a Lusterware Dish 1500 - 1525; from Langerwehe, in Germany , a stoneware jug, early 16th century;   from Saintonge in South West. France Madonna & Child - relief decoration from a jug - early 16th century from Beauvais, N. France Coat of arms from a barrel coaster, early 16th century.

Medieval Floor tile, paving and roofing tiles from Dominican priory; Seville, Spain, Maiolica Drinking vessel early 16th century.